Club Dog of the Month

Appearing here are our Flyball Clubs dogs of the Month/Year starting in January 2010 



October 2012 - Teddy




Teddy - is our Dog of the Month for October 2012.

He has had an exceptional  October.

Teddy has been running really well in his teams this year, always reliable and showing some very nice box turns in racing.  This all cumulated in October with a great 1st place in the first indoor tournament of the year at Maidstone with his team Lightning Sparks.  


Very well done and congratulations to Teddy & Morgan




September 2012 - Luna




 Luna - is our Dog of the Month for September 2012.


She started in open competition for the first time recently and has run paw perfectly.  She has had run with dogs that she has never even crossed with before.

In her second show Luna had to run every single leg.  She has done 3 competitions in 4 weeks and hasn't made a single error.

Luna also got her Flyball Dog on her first competition.


Very well done and congratulations to Luna and Min.



August 2012 - Derby




Derby - is our Dog of the Month for August 2012.


Derby has a really great August.

She ran brilliantly at the British Champs, faultlessly in both lanes all day, her team could not have won their division without her. Derby pulled it out the bag when it was really needed.


Very well done and congratulations to Derby and Mel.


July 2012 - Panda





Panda - is our Dog of the Month for July 2012.


Panda has really come a long way in July. He has now started to compete regularly with our teams and is fast becoming a strong Flyball prospect for the future. He also played an active part in the Lightning Sparks team that won Division 8 of the European Championships to finish of a really excellent month.


Very well done and congratulations to Panda and Sam



June 2012 - Bud & Merlot




Bud & Merlot - are our joint Dogs of the Month for June 2012.

They have both had a great month doing incredibly well carrying on at Block Fen at the beginning of the month when their team lost their height dog due to injury and then being part of the 18.76 second Lightning Flash team which won their division at Barbury Castle at the end of the month.

 Not bad for a couple of 10 year olds.


Well done and congratulations to Bud & Merlot


May 2012 - Mia




Mia - is our Dog of the Month for May 2012.

She is a very experienced member of our first teams both Open and Mulitibreed.

Mia is an extremely fast dog and she has really come back into top form in May clocking lots of sub 4.3 second legs with a best time in May 2012 of 4.23 seconds.


Well done and congratulations to Mia and Jane



April 2012 - Nessa






Nessa - is our Dog of the Month for April 2012. 

She is a 5 year old Mini Poodle who has just gained her Flyball Dog title after lots of training and rewards from Mel and the rest of her family.

Nessa was also dog of the month in Febuary 2011 when she started training and as was said then is living proof that you can ‘teach an old dog new tricks’.

Well done and congratulations to Nessa and Mel.




March 2012 - Marley




Marley is our Dog of the Month for March 2012.  


Marley has achieved his Silver BFA milestone award this month but has also done extremely well  running sub 4.5 seconds’ times on numerous occasions in the two tournaments.  He was also part of the Sprites team that won Divisions in both Maidstone and Cambridgeshire in March.

Congratulations to Marley (and Darren)



February 2012 - Widget




Widget is our Dog of the Month for February 2012.  


He has improved so much this year running in the red lane consistently every tournament with the Grease Lightning team and also running sub 5 times on numerous occasions in February tournaments.

Congratulations to Widget (and Janice)



January 2012 - Shadow




Shadow - is our Dog of the Month for January 2012


Shadow, who is run by Jason, has just started running in open flyball this month and has run absolutely perfectly in both of the competitions at Maidstone and Cambridge that she has raced in. All the hard work and training has really paid off with such a great debut in competitive Flyball.


 Congratulations to Shadow (and Jason)



Club Dog of the Year 2011




Scrumpy - is our Club Dog of the year for 2011.

In 2011 yet again she has been super reliable always racing  in the Clubs first team. Scrumpy also pulled off the fastest individual time of the year 3.92 seconds racing in the Muitibreed team this was the same Bank Holiday weekend that she had already raced in open.

She was part of the Strikes team that qualified into Crufts this year and the team got a new seeded fastest time of 17.09 Season and also the Mulitibreed team that won both 1st  divisions/competitions they entered and are currently the quickest Mulitbreed team in the UK with 17.73.


Congratulations to Scrumpy the consummate flyball dog.


November 2011 - Jinx




 Jinx - is our Dog of the Month for November 2011

This month Jinx has shown great improvements in her weekly sessions of Flyball training and therefore she is awarded a very well-earned Club Dog of the Month.  We all look forward with great interest to seeing her compete for the first time early next year in open competition.



Congratulations to Jinx


October 2011 -  Pixie




Pixie - is our Dog of the Month for October 2011

 Just being old enough to race she competed in her first ever tournament at Barford Meadow at the beginning of October, gaining her Flyball Dog title at this tournament. She then went on to race flawlessly in her first indoor tournament at Maidstone at the end of the Month.


Congratulations to Pixie



September 2011 - Mia




Mia - is our Dog of the Month for Septembert 2011


She has performed extremely well in September and as normal is a regular member of our Clubs first team. Mia topped this month off getting her fastest ever time of 4.18 seconds.

Congratulations to Mia




August 2011 - Derby




Derby - is our Dog of the Month for August 2011

In the British Championships this month Derby really stood out as the best performing dog in the Club, she was pretty much paw perfect which shows a wonderful improvement especially with the 'interesting' ground she had to run on. To top this off Derby has also just attained her silver award.


Congratulations to Derby

July 2011 - Tezzy




Tezzy - is our Dog of the Month for July 2011.


He has really taken to flyball getting better and batter at each tournament. Tezzy has a had a great July and also recently running with a new fastest time of 4.39......  Not bad at all !!! 

Very well done to Tezzy.


June 2011 - Tom




Tom - is our Dog of the Month for June 2011.


He  has really come good for both his team and himself this month. With injuries effecting his team Tom, now known by his team mates as ‘the Bullet’, has stepped up to the plate when need and performed really well at all the tournaments.   

Very well done to Tom.



May 2011 - Scrumpy



Scrumpy - is our Dog of the Month for May 2011.


She has been the fastest dog at our club for some time and is so very consistent it’s easy to forget what a very good flyball dog she is.

Scrumpy has been presented with the BFA Platinum milestone award this month which is the highest award of any dog in the Club.

Congratulations to our Clubs Flyball Star

April  2011 - Poppy




Poppy - is our Dog of the Month for April 2011. 

She is Black Labrador X owned and  run by Rob.

Poppy smashed her Personal best and average times at the Fairview tournament in April plus she's now triggering the box every time. She ran every leg at the Fairview, not bad going for a dog who was only doing the odd leg at the beginning of the year.

Well done to Poppy.


March  2011 - Cooper & Tag



Cooper and Tag are our joint Dogs of the Month for March 2011.

Both dogs are very recent debutants in open flyball and they have both showed fantastic improvements in both racing and training this month.

They clearly both enjoy their flyball and a very well done to them both. 


Cooper is owned Karen and Geoff and run by Karen                       Tag is owned and run by Malcolm


February 2011 - Nessa




Nessa - is our Dog of the Month for February 2011. 

She is a 5 year old Mini Poodle who has just started flyball training with our Club.

Nessa is living proof that you can ‘teach an old dog new tricks’ she will now retrieve a ball from the box and has her eye firmly fixed on replacing Jazz as the token northerner in Strikes!

January 2011 - Chewy & Leo 




Chewy and Leo are our joint Dogs of the Month for January 2011.

The brothers both debuted in open flyball this month where they performed faultlessly at the Maidstone and Wood Green tournaments.

Both brothers show great promise and enjoyment of the sport. They obviously have many more exciting and enjoyable races ahead of them. Well done to them both. 

Chewy is owned and  run by Kate                        Leo is owned by Darren & Janice and run by Darren

December 2010 - Wizz

Wizz is our Dog of the Month for December 2010.

She has had a fantastic first season of flyball.  Wizz took part in her first open tournament in May when only just old enough to compete and got her Flyball Dog award and this very first race.

She is the first ever English born English Shepherd to compete at BFA flyball.

Always very reliable and always very noisy Wizz obviously loves flyball racing.

Wizz is a Black and Tan English Shepherd run Lydia.


November 2010 - Blue

Blue is our Dog of the Month for November 2010.

He only joined the Club in February of this year but has fitted straight into the Grease Lightning team.

Blue is a very fast and reliable start dog who regularly gets super fast 4 second start legs. He was also part of the Grease Lightning team who competed in Division 1 and had another very successful outing at Maidstone again this month.

Blue is a very appropriately named Blue Merle Border Collie


October 2010 - Indy


Indy is our Dog of the month for October 2010.

He has done so very well this year and since joining Grease Lightning put in some terrific performances.

Indy was part of the team who ran in Division 1 at the Maidstone Indoor tournament, finishing off a great October for him.


Indy a Black & White Border Collie is run by Rob

September 2010 - Jazz

Jazz is our Dog of the month for September 2010.

He joined our Club this  year and Jazz has fitted right in. With one of the best box turns you will ever see and great natural enthusiasm Jazz has become a regular member of our first team.

Jazz finished of September in style by being part of the team that ran the fastest ever time for the club of 17.14 seconds.

Jazz is owned by the Shearing family and run by Juddy


August 2010 - Ollie


Ollie is our Dog of the month for August 2010.

He has come along way since joining the Club and has really done himself and his owners proud. Now a regular member of the Lightning Bolt team he always trys his hardest. 

To cap off a great month Ollie picked up a well deserved 3rd place at the British Championships.

Ollie is owned and run by John Edser.

July 2010 - Patsy


Patsy is our Dog of the month for July 2010.

She has become a regular member of the team and reliable flyball dog. Patsy has come a long way since joining the club.  She did extremely well taking part in the European Championships in Belgium in July this year. Patsy  never putting a paw wrong in the whole competition.

A collie x terrier owned and run by Lesley. 

June 2010 - Chip


Chip is our Dog of the month for June 2010. 

Chip was found after being abandoned  as a very small puppy.  He is ridiculously fast for a 7” height dog being timed at 4.5 seconds in a race this year. He is always reliable and has just achieved his Flyball Dog Advanced award after only one year of competing.

He is a very friendly happy dog who just loves flyball.

Chip is run by Lydia

May 2010 - Oz


Oz is our Dog of the month for May 2010.

Oz has been a regular member of our Clubs first team since his start in flyball . He is a very reliable first team member who has led a very interesting life over the last few weeks...

Oz went 'walk about' for over 24hrs recently after being chased whilst out on a walk by other dogs and then only a few weeks later was also part of the 1st team that set a new club record fastest time of 17.48 seconds.

Oz is owned and raced by Kim


April 2010 - Chablis


Chablis is our Dog of the month for April 2010.

Chablis is the start dog in our first team. She started flyball as unreliable as they come but after a lot of time and effort became a very reliable start dog.

She has her BFA Gold award and has been run by Kate, Darren and Min.

Chablis did us proud at a recent competition coming 4th in a 7 team division (Div 1). Unbeknown to us all she had suffered cuts to both back paws and did not limp, or show any sign that there was anything wrong with her. She gave her all as always.   


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March 2010 - Dare

Dare  is our Dog of the month for March 2010.

Dare is a Blue Merle Border Collie who has very limited hearing and he is unable to tell what directions noises come from. Dare also has a very strong 'collie eye' and herding instinct .

With lots of help and encouragement Dare has just gained his flyball dog title. This is a great achievement for him and everyone who has helped him.

February 2010 - Tayler

Tayler is our Dog of the month for February 2010.

Tayler is a Border Collie who first started flyball in 2009 and has always had a very strong chase instinct. With lots of hard work and determination he competed in open competition in January and February 2010 at Maidstone.

Tayler did not put a paw wrong in either competition and ran between 4.6 and 4.9 second legs all day. A massive achievement for him proving he can be a reliable and fast dog.

We were all really chuffed to see him achieve this whilst also enjoying himself at the same time.

January 2010 - Kaiza


Kaiza or Baggie as he is known to his friends is Lightning Strikes first ever 'Dog of the month'.

Kaiza has been the number 1 ranked Rottweiler  for the past two years and he is currently on his Flyball Dog Advanced award. 

Not only is Kaiza a great flyball dog his lovely temperament  is a wonderful advert for his breed.